Gamesys, an online gaming operator, has been hit with a £6m fine due to their failure to uphold social responsibility and anti-money laundering standards. Following Gamesys’ acquisition by Bally’s in 2021, it was discovered that they were not properly identifying customers who were at risk of gambling-related harm. Their deposit limits system also failed to promptly identify potential risks for certain customers. Additionally, Gamesys neglected to engage with customers who were susceptible to gambling-related harms.

Notably, Gamesys only conducted one responsible gambling interaction with a customer who lost a staggering £19,709 over a five-month period. Furthermore, the company lacked adequate record-keeping regarding their interactions, considerations, and decision-making processes.

In terms of anti-money laundering measures, Gamesys allowed customers to spend substantial amounts without conducting the necessary checks. They also fell short in terms of customer due diligence and had an insufficient policy for reinvesting winnings, thereby failing to mitigate the risk of funds coming from illicit sources.

Kay Roberts, the Executive Director of Operations at the Gambling Commission, emphasized the regulator’s commitment to ensuring fair, safe, and crime-free gambling. Any lapses in policies and procedures will result in significant regulatory action. In an effort to enhance oversight within the gambling sector, the Gambling Commission recently began a series of consultations aimed at refining regulations for improved efficacy.

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