The Gambling Commission (GC) has published a captivating blog post on the utilization of operator data. Authored by Ben Haden, the Commission’s Director of Research and Statistics, the blog sheds light on how the institution has harnessed various data points throughout 2023.

In pursuit of industry improvements this year, one of the pivotal strategies has been using operator data to bridge the gaps in knowledge about gamblers, both online and in brick-and-mortar establishments. This endeavor was part of the wider release of the ‘Evidence gaps and priorities 2023 to 2026’ publication in May, which was also referenced in the White Paper.

Haden emphatically stated, “We firmly believe that leveraging this data will greatly enhance our understanding of the impact of policy changes, especially in light of the Gambling Act Review. The aim is to gain early indications of the impact, in turn allowing for prompt action if necessary. Additionally, it may minimize the need for operators to make ad-hoc requests for each change.”

The initial step the GC will take is the revision of regulatory returns for operators. This process entails removing outdated requirements from the licensing process and increasing the frequency of reporting. This will be accompanied by piloting more detailed reports from operators, including daily aggregated consumer data.

Haden further remarked, “By cross-referencing this data with our consumer surveys and other available datasets, we will obtain a much more comprehensive perspective overall. These two initiatives represent just the tip of the iceberg in terms of extracting value from operator data, as well as other datasets. It’s an exciting endeavor as we strive to incorporate the best evidence into our work. Ultimately, better evidence driven by superior data will lead to enhanced regulation.”

CEO Andrew Rhodes also highlighted the significance of better data in his speech at the recent GambleAware event. Rhodes underscored the potential of improved statistics resulting in better regulation and outcomes for all stakeholders.

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