The Gambling Commission’s groundbreaking project to revolutionize data collection on adult gambling participation has reached its final stage. Started in 2020, this project aimed to transform the way the Commission gathers statistics on adult gambling and problem gambling prevalence.

Based on a sample of around 4,000 respondents, data was collected between April and May 2023. The findings from this latest survey conducted by the Gambling Commission shed light on some interesting trends.

Key findings include:

50% of respondents gambled in the past four weeks, with higher participation among males.

The National Lottery was the most popular gambling activity in the past four weeks.

Monetary reasons were the biggest motivator for most gamblers.

44% of gamblers rated their last gambling experience as at least a six out of ten.

2.5% of respondents scored eight or higher on the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) screen.

The Gambling Commission also highlighted the strengths and limitations of its new methodology approach. On the positive side, the push-to-web methodology allows for more interviews and still offers a paper version alternative. The survey itself is more focused on gambling, improving accuracy.

However, there are limitations to consider. Without interviewers present, the accuracy of answers depends on participants’ understanding of the questions. Additionally, remote data collection methods tend to have lower response rates.

By implementing this new approach, the Gambling Commission is paving the way for more comprehensive and precise data on adult gambling habits. This valuable information will be used to inform future policies and initiatives aimed at promoting responsible gambling.

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