Gambling licenses is one of the most important factors for a successful business in the field of having an online casino. Today, there are only a few general licenses, which allow to carry out gambling activities in different countries of the world. These licenses are: Curacao gambling license, Maltese gambling association and Gibraltar license.

These jurisdictions allow casinos to start working in several countries of Europe, the CIS, Latin America and Africa. Also, such a license becomes a help for obtaining internal licenses. For example, if a company brand has an MGA license then it can apply for a UK internal license (UK Gambling commission) etc.

The BoomAff team, together with its partners, provides services for obtaining such gambling licenses for existing casinos, as well as for those who have decided to create their own casino brand.

Gambling licenses - operating cycle

The BoomAff team offers its customers a full range of licensing services:

– Choosing a right license for a brand (Curacao, Malta)
– Collection of documents
– Assistance in opening an account with a trusted bank
– Registration of a legal entity in an offshore zone
– Help in obtaining a certificate for the software of a Casino
– Connecting payment systems to a brand
– Obtaining a gambling license and transferring it to a client

Gambling license costs

Nowadays, obtaining gambling licenses is not something secret or unattainable, but this process is certainly laborious, voluminous and far from cheap, especially if a company has not come across these issues before. Gambling license costs are different, depending on the license itself. One of the most affordable is a Curacao license. Next is the Maltese and the Gibraltar license. All internal gambling licenses are much more expensive and they have more rules for casino operators. Some of the most popular internal licenses are considered licenses of the UK, Sweden, Denmark and Canada.

The pricing policy for internal licenses differs significantly from general licenses, so we would not recommend unprepared brands, without experience to immediately get them. If a company already has an experience in online casinos and ready to start working in domestic markets, our specialists will be happy to help in obtaining internal gambling licenses.

Why is it profitable for a company to work with us on gambling licensing?

1) In the BoomAff team there are gambling professionals with more than 5 years of experience in the industry.

2) BoomAff experts know everything about gaming licensing in different countries: in Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, etc. If a company meets certain requirements to enter to the gambling market of individual countries, we will help in this matter competently, promptly and professionally.

3) We are engaged in the opening of licenses for online casinos, bookmakers, bingo, poker and lottery.

4) Our experts will help a company expand the list of game providers selected especially for the licenses in accordance with the current interest of that market.

What is the difference between the gambling licenses of Curacao and Malta?

First, the thesis about both licenses.


– Financial statements once a year
– Income tax 2%
– Registration of the company in the economic zone (E-Zone) and the Chamber of Commerce of Curacao. One director (nominee) must be a resident.
– Duration of registration of the license is 1-2 months


– Financial statements once a month and once a year
– Fixed annual fee of 25,000 euros. Income tax from 0.40% to 1.25%.
– Registration of a legal entity in Malta, while directors and shareholders may be non-residents.
– Registration term: provisional license is issued after 1-2 months, full license – through six months – 8 months.

The pros and cons of both licenses are many. For example, nowadays it’s more complicated to connect popular payment systems with only the license of Curacao. Although, many of the affiliates now want to work exclusively with brands working under the MGA license. (The BoomAff team also specializes in affiliate marketing). However, various MGA license restrictions are constraining the budget of online casinos, since the cost of a license is much higher than Curacao + fixed payments of 25,000 euros annually.

Gambling license for online casino and bookmaker

Many businessmen who are just starting to study the issue of the gambling industry activities mistakenly believe that different licenses are needed for casinos and sports betting and that gambling licenses price differs for these seemingly different types of activities. However, the scope of online gambling includes a casino, a betting shop, lotteries, poker and bingo. All this relates to the gambling industry and fall under regulation of licenses.

Let’s consider the launch of an online casino or a betting office on an example of obtaining a license for Curacao. One of the main advantages of the gambling license of Curacao is maximum simplified and operational licensing procedure for gambling business compared to other jurisdictions.

Company registration and submission of documents for obtaining a license

Registering a company in an offshore zone is the first step in obtaining a license in Curacao. BoomAff company offers comprehensive services related to the creating of all the necessary documents and the management of the company, which will be required for receiving a gambling license.

Obtaining a gambling license in Curacao

Company registration, as well as obtaining a Curacao License, takes only 2 weeks. Gambling Curacao License is recognized worldwide and is the most stable and reliable solution in the industry.

If a company decides to start a gambling business, the BoomAff team will help it in the full cycle of this process. From obtaining a license to the search of mutually beneficial partners. Contact us or leave a contact details and our experts will help to start own casino brand.

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