The island of Curacao, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, throughout of the year provides an excellent opportunity to start a gambling business in the online mode.

This country was the first in the world which legalized gambling and thereby entered the main top countries where players are provided with all conditions and complete safety.

The main advantages of a gambling license in Curacao which can be considered:

  • Issuance of one license to carry out all types of gambling activities;
  • simplicity of registration and obtaining a license;
  • absence of value added taxes (VAT) and rather low rate of the income tax;
  • The license is very popular among gambling business players;
  • political stability of the country.

The attractiveness of this jurisdiction includes:

  • The license of this country is very economical and will be able to provide access to all types of games, it can be received in a short time (about two weeks only), after submitting a package of documents and paying the registration fee;
  • a license for all types of gaming activities is the middle ground between its reliability and a high cost;
  • the country is included in the E-Zone, and this is another plus – the size of tax on profit – not more than 2% of the profit.

By law, all of the above favorable conditions will apply almost until the year 2025.

Operators who gain a Curacao license can run their gaming business from any country of the world, but before starting to work, it is necessary to pass software testing ensuring compliance with all technical requirements for internet gaming in Curacao.

For example, in order to open your own online casino, you will need to pay about 16,900 euros for its update. The cost of registering a domain will be directly depend on the name and domain zone and will start from the amount of 10,000 euros.

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Looking for a First-Class iGaming traffic?