New study shows alarming increase in problem gambling rates in Ireland. According to the Economic & Social Research Institute (ESRI), 1 in 30 adults now suffer from problem gambling, a tenfold increase since 2019. The study was conducted online with 2,850 participants.

Commissioned by the Implementation Team for the new Gambling Regulatory Authority of Ireland and the Department of Justice, the study found that reported gambling spending aligns with industry revenue figures, indicating accurate reporting.

Additionally, the study revealed that an additional 279,000 adults exhibit moderate signs of problem gambling. Online gambling accounts for 60% of problem gamblers’ spending, while in-person gambling accounts for the remaining 40%.

On average, people with problem gambling spend over €1,000 ($1,051) per month on gambling. The study also highlights that individuals in their 30s have the highest problem gambling rate.

While problem gambling is less common among women and those with higher education levels, the differences are smaller than previously believed.

Out of all adults, three-quarters engage in some form of gambling, with one-third gambling online. The most popular forms of gambling are lotteries, scratch cards, and betting on horseracing and other sports. Notably, those with problem gambling tend to engage more in slot machines and online casino gambling.

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