Online slots have emerged as a major challenge for individuals struggling with online gambling. According to recent data, 60% of those who reported difficulties with online gambling in 2022-23 specifically mentioned online slots as one of their main challenges. This is a significant increase from the 34% reported between 2018 and 2019.

Furthermore, a staggering 73% of all callers to the National Gambling Helpline in the past year revealed that they were grappling with online gambling issues.

This data was gathered from 5,660 callers to the National Gambling Helpline, with 4,154 of them disclosing issues related to online gambling.

Colin Walsh, the Lived Experience Manager at GamCare, highlights the disproportionate challenge posed by online slots. He explains that there is often a misconception that gambling harm primarily stems from betting on horses or sports events. However, he points out that many individuals start with these activities and eventually transition into other forms of online gambling. In these areas, it becomes easy to lose track of both time and money.

GamCare is a well-known provider of support for those affected by gambling harm. They operate the National Gambling Helpline 24/7, receiving a staggering 44,000 contacts each year through phone, live chat, and WhatsApp.

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