The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has taken action against a gaming provider for violating regulations on untargeted advertising during a popular television game show. The issue arose when the provider’s sponsorship was displayed in a way that combined their name with a game element, specifically a fruit machine. The KSA deemed this non-neutral, leading to a failure to meet the required criteria.

Following discussions with both the gaming provider and the TV program in question, changes were made to the game element to ensure compliance with regulations.

On July 1, 2023, a prohibition on untargeted advertising came into effect, with the goal of protecting minors, young adults, and other vulnerable groups from the recruitment and advertising practices of gambling providers. This means that advertising through television, radio, newspapers, and magazines is strictly forbidden. Additionally, advertisements in public spaces such as billboards, bus shelters, and buildings like casinos, arcades, cinemas, and cafes are also banned.

Existing sponsorship contracts have been taken into account, allowing for continued sponsorship of TV programs until July 1, 2024. Sports sponsorship, however, will be allowed until July 1, 2025. This recent intervention by the KSA serves as a reminder to all involved in gambling-related topics about the importance of adhering to these regulations.

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