Reuben Portanier, a Partner Advisory & Compliance expert, highlights the lack of client awareness regarding the impact of ESG and the CSRD. Many clients mistakenly believe they are exempt from ESG regulations, revealing the need for increased awareness.

In an interview with SiGMA News, Portanier explores the motivation behind companies embracing ESG. He poses the question of whether organizations see it as a burden or recognize its business sense. Portanier acknowledges that profit-driven entities may view it as a burden, while industry visionaries see it as an investment in the future. Notably, the gaming industry already has a foundation in ESG due to its highly regulated environment, with many operators unknowingly implementing ESG measures.

The conversation then discussed the broader impact of ESG on consumer behavior. Portanier emphasizes that forward-thinking companies consider the long-term effects of their decisions and how customers will perceive them in the future. He provides examples in the cosmetics sector, where companies actively promote their environmental and ethical practices, influencing consumers’ purchasing choices.

Is there more to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices than meets the eye? According to Portanier, the answer goes beyond immediate PR benefits. The true value lies in increased sales and maximizing investments. ESG has the power to influence consumer behavior and create a positive image for your company.

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