Munich –, a leading identity verification solution, has been confirmed by KJM as fully compliant with the youth protection treaty in Germany. This significant approval adds to the esteemed list of IDnow solutions, such as VideoIdent, AutoIdent, IDnow eID, and the IDnow Wallet, that have been authorized by KJM for age verification purposes.

The crucial importance of this endorsement lies in’s adherence to the German Interstate Treaty on the Protection of Minors in the Media. Under this legal framework, online distribution of certain content, including explicit video games, gambling offers, and adult-oriented materials, is only permitted if providers implement effective age verification systems.

Rayissa Armata, the Director of Global Regulatory & Government Affairs at IDnow, emphasized the necessity of robust gatekeeping measures on these websites. She said, “The internet harbors corners that are best left unseen by young individuals. However, inquisitive minds often explore these areas, necessitating a more thorough method of protection than a simple ‘I am old enough’ button. This is exactly what the KJM stands for in Germany.”

With the approval from KJM, IDnow is proud to introduce as yet another reliable solution for online age verification. The KJM’s positive rating affirms IDnow’s commitment to being a trusted partner in safeguarding minors, particularly in the gaming and gambling sectors.

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