GiG, a leading casino affiliate, has successfully acquired KaFe Rocks after announcing the move last November. This strategic decision is expected to strengthen GiG Media’s foothold in the North American market, with a projected growth of 3.6x in EV/EBITDA by 2024.

The acquisition, valued at €35m ($38.3m), includes an upfront cash payment of €15m. According to a report from November, this investment is predicted to contribute €125-135m to GiG’s revenue in 2024.

In an exclusive interview with Trafficology, GiG’s CEO, Warrer, expressed his excitement about the potential of the American market and the reasoning behind the acquisition. He stated, “With this acquisition, we aim to expand our presence in the US market, which is incredibly interesting to us. We believe GiG Media has yet to unlock its full potential there.”

Upon completion of the acquisition, Warrer emphasized GiG’s goal of maintaining its position as the industry’s leading casino affiliate while further expanding in the North American market. He added, “We’ve identified a thriving business and an exceptionally skilled team at KaFe Rocks. We are thrilled to welcome them into the GiG family and unlock additional value for our partners and investors.”

This acquisition marks another significant milestone in the ongoing growth and diversification of GiG Media’s business. In addition to acquiring KaFe Rocks, GiG also finalized the acquisition of AskGamblers in 2023. With this successful deal, GiG concludes the year on a high note. The company reported a remarkable 40% growth in revenue during the second quarter of 2023.

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