The gambling industry is extremely competitive, so operators should do their best to attract gamesters and promote their gambling establishments. However, various countries have different laws concerning iGaming and its advertising. To legally and successfully promote any venue, it’s vital to know and follow them.

Internet casinos are an international issue because the majority of clubs are oriented toward punters from various parts of the world. As a result, advertising campaigns should be organized in a way that takes various countries’ online casino advertising regulations into consideration.

Why advertising regulations matter

The way one or the other platform is promoted can influence the general reputation of the club. It’s often a good advert that attracts gamesters and makes them register and play at a gambling club. The impact of adverts might be both positive and negative. In general, it can influence:

  • The image of the brand (with adverts, the gambling facility’s image can be built as trustworthy, reliable, and secure)
  • Gamesters’ trust (again, it’s possible to make an emphasis on fairness, responsibility, and transparency)
  • Gamesters’ expectations (in adverts, you can promise an incomparable and enjoyable experience to potential punters, so it’s better to provide it in reality to preserve the reputation)
  • The legality of the club (the facility is always more attractive when it organizes all aspects of its work in accordance with the law, meets the local requirements, has an online casino license, and provides an opportunity for fair play)
  • Public perception (adverts often form people’s opinions, news, and rumors, so aggressive or controversial adverts can have a negative effect).

Advertising can make an impact on all those issues. Thus, it’s better to keep to the described recommendations to avoid a negative influence on the reputation.

It’s also vital to know that in the case of the absence of online gambling ad compliance with certain country-specific casino ad rules, the consequences might be bad. There might be penalties, fines, lawsuits, license revocations, injunctions, and the total loss of business opportunities.

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Key aspects of online casino advertising

Even though there are different casino advertising rules worldwide, there’re the most common things, which are regulated in terms of gambling adverts:

  • The targeting of minors and vulnerable individuals (it’s usually the basis of any casino advertising regulations)
  • The presence of a license (many countries allow promoting only those facilities, which are officially certified, sometimes by local authorities, and they have different online casino license cost)
  • False and misleading statements (all the information should correspond to the content and services provided, it’s required to always provide full and clear information)
  • Responsible gambling promotions (in most cases, only clubs that support responsible gambling and promote it have the right for the promotion of their services)
  • Aggressiveness of promotion (it’s not usually acceptable to use aggressive and too encouraging materials to attract gamesters. Besides, certain countries can add limitations on channels available for gambling adverts).

The best ways to make your gambling establishments more attractive and legally motivate potential punters to join are as follows:

  1. Welcoming prizes and promos. It’s a good method to attract new gamesters and make the existing ones become more active. It’s vital to describe the conditions (including wagering requirements) in order to make everything clear for gamesters and meet various legal requirements for casino advertising. Thus, you’ll avoid the provision of misleading information.
  2. Free games. Almost every person will be eager to test various products without any investments. Thus, offer them a chance to subscribe and play for fun to observe the latest creations of the iGaming industry.
  3. Responsible gambling. Add a message that encourages people to play responsibly. It will build more trust and make your adverts absolutely legal. Make an emphasis on playing for fun, not for financial benefits.
  4. Popular types of gambling products. In your adverts, it’s possible to tell about the newest or some unique options. For instance, many punters would be eager to play Live casino products, which are accessible not at every club.
Consider casino advertising rules worldwide

Comparing advertising rules by country

The number of gambling markets keeps growing with the increasing popularity of the area. Let’s consider the most popular markets with their casino marketing regulations:

  1. The UK. Here, there’re certain prohibitions. It’s strongly forbidden to provide lying or misleading content. Besides, every facility should have an online casino license UK issued by the UKGC — the local commission. All the relevant information should be provided in adverts (for example, there’re strict casino bonus advertising rules). Aggressive adverts are also not acceptable. Gambling adverts shouldn’t be seen by people under 18. In addition, every ad should tell about a safer way of gambling.
  2. Greece. New rules have been recently added to control Internet gambling adverts. Thus, it’s forbidden to use offensive symbols and music in videos. In addition, the casino advert shouldn’t cover the whole or some part of a user’s device screen. Another important issue is that people who have previously added themselves to a self-exclusion program shouldn’t see any adverts.
  3. The Netherlands. There’re strict advertising laws for online casinos in this part of the world. First, a facility should be certified in this country. Besides, only affiliates can promote the club. It’s also necessary to warn potential gamesters about risks and never add any call to action to the adverts.
  4. Finland. While gambling is popular in this country, there’re many restrictions for land-based and Internet casino adverts. For example, there’re time limits for TV casino adverts. Besides, all sorts of adverts shouldn’t be targeted at minors.
  5. Germany. The rules concerning gambling adverts are strict. Almost all forms are prohibited. As for Internet promotion, it’s allowed to advertise only lottery, horse racing, and sports betting.

There’re countries with particularly no regulations concerning iGaming. They are India, Latvia, Nigeria, Cyprus, and Brazil. Here, the laws are still unclear. However, it’s still required to be careful with your messages. The countries with the strictest regulations include the USA, Australia (you’ll need at least an online casino license Australia), Canada, and the UK.

Challenges faced by casino advertisers

For international clubs, the main advertising challenges for casino operators are as follows:

  • The differences in regulations in various parts of the world
  • The necessity to promote responsible gambling with the corresponding messages
  • Diverse content restrictions (there’re often limitations on languages, specific themes, and images connected with casino advertising and public perception in various countries)
  • The necessity to comply with different international casino advertising standards (countries that have their local regulations and licenses also require to keep to their local promotion standards, for instance, transparency, the provision of full and clear information, etc.)
  • Different licenses required (some countries accept international licenses, such as Gibraltar online casino license while others require their local ones to make adverts legal)
  • Marketing restrictions (in various countries, certain initiatives such as bounties might be prohibited).

For an international gambling establishment, it’s always a challenge to meet the requirements of multiple countries to create cross-border adverts. Besides, noncompliance with various regulations might lead to penalties and other problems.

While it’s a challenge to meet diverse requirements, there’re gambling clubs that still managed to do it. They reached this goal with the help of the following:

  • Understanding of the gambling industry advertising laws and peculiarities of the definite markets
  • Taking cultural and other sensitive issues into account
  • Deep market research before the creation of an advertising campaign
  • Localization of their websites and content
  • The provision of suitable payment tools for various locations
  • The use of local advertising platforms for more effective reach
  • Partnerships with local businesses and organizations
  • Comfortable customer assistance hours
  • The provision of bounties should be made by adapting casino ads for different markets
  • Optimization for mobile devices.

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Best practices in compliance

Even though it seems almost impossible to go global and meet all the requirements of various countries, it’s still possible to become a part of the international market. Here are a few global casino advertising guidelines:

  1. Choose the targeted countries.
  2. Do profound research on the market and your competitors.
  3. Study the legal issues for each of the selected locations.
  4. Make sure to have a legal business. Get license online casino in the selected countries.
  5. Choose the right target audience in order not to reach minors.
  6. Make your website localized for various countries (use appropriate language, content, and visuals) and provide good assistance.
  7. Create clear, informative, and trustworthy adverts in accordance with the countries’ standards.
  8. Stay responsible and transparent in both your adverts and business.
  9. Always support responsible gambling practices.
  10. Focus on the positive user experience and your platform’s benefits in your adverts.
  11. Make an attractive call to action (if it’s allowed).
  12. Avoid aggressive adverts to prevent penalties.
  13. Search for affiliates and local partners.
  14. Monitor the results and add changes to your campaigns if required.

The advertising compliance in the casino sector with regulations as well as the industry standards will lead to the perfect reputation due to the following benefits:

  • Good protection of gamesters (including minors)
  • Transparency and fairness of a platform
  • Compliance with ethical and cultural norms
  • Adaptability of a club that leads to more trust and loyalty
  • Responsible approach to gambling.
Country-specific casino ad rules to know

Case studies

Let’s observe several case studies on casino ad regulation with successful international Internet facilities that managed to deal with advertising requirements in various countries:

  • LeoVegas. It’s one of the facilities that managed to obtain ultimate casino permissions in multiple European countries. The team of the club studied the rules for each location in order to create legal and acceptable adverts and attract international gamesters.
  • 888 Casino. It’s one of the oldest and strongest facilities, which works in the international market. They primarily support responsible gambling and make all the efforts to meet the requirements of various countries. Thus, the club even obtained a local UK license and various casino slots permissions in order to promote their services to gamesters in this country.
  • Bet365. This brand represents one of the online casino marketing best practices. It’s internationally known thanks to its complex approach. All the advertising initiatives were made in accordance with local regulations of various countries. Such work required a very deep analysis of different markets and a study of the basic legislation.

Looking ahead

The industry of iGaming is rapidly evolving, which is connected with people’s demands and interests. The new generation is looking for a simple and relaxing hobby that can additionally help get some profit. Such tendencies lead to the spreading of gambling and make many countries create acceptable regulations to protect people and still give them a chance to enjoy high-quality and safe gambling services. While the laws concerning iGaming keep changing, the same inevitably happens to casino advertising regulations. For more countries, it becomes important to create rules and requirements, which will help filter untrustworthy aggressive platforms and make way for reliable and fair ones. Thus, we can wait for the upcoming new casino ad trends and changes in the nearest future.

There’re few countries with adequate casino advertising policies today. More of them either allow everything or forbid all sorts of gambling adverts. However, the authorities started understanding it was not the way out. To protect people and give them excess to entertain themselves, it’s required to build a strong regulatory system with acceptable and realistic standards. Besides, self-regulation in the gambling industry can come on stage in those areas, where the interference of the state isn’t required. In their turn, gambling venues will need to search for more transparent and ethical ways to reach their audience and still meet the requirements of the definite markets. 

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To successfully promote any gambling establishment, it’s vital to understand the legal basis of each market. Deep research is required to legally advertise any platform while meeting cultural, ethical, and other norms of a certain market.

Casino advertising standards are different in various countries. Thus, it’s required to know the specific laws used by every country. For any gambling facility, it’s important to meet the requirements to avoid penalties, fines, lawsuits, shutdowns, and other problems. Besides, only when the promotion is organized in a legal way, it’s possible to build a strong reputation and gain trust. As a result, your platform can become successful in the targeted market.

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