The official report reveals that commercial and tribal casinos have contributed to the creation of 1.8 million jobs, with 700,000 of those jobs within the casinos themselves. This has resulted in a significant increase in revenue, reaching $104 billion, which marks a 40 percent increase since the beginning of 2017.

Furthermore, the industry has diligently fulfilled its tax obligations, paying a remarkable $52.7 billion to federal, state, and local governments. This represents a notable 29 percent increase compared to 2017.

This comprehensive report, the first of its kind released by our association since 2018, exclusively focuses on data from 2017. It not only examines the finances of the gambling sector, but also takes into account spending by gamblers at non-gambling establishments such as restaurants and stores.

In addition, the report acknowledges the significance of capital investments in the industry, including the construction of new casinos and the renovation of existing ones.

Remarkably, the survey goes beyond financial figures, also considering so-called catalytic spending by casino patrons, such as transport expenses to and from casino resorts, as well as money spent at non-casino restaurants. This report provides a highly comprehensive analysis of the impact and contributions of the casino industry.

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