The Culture, Media and Sport Committee (CMSC) has released a report on the state of gambling regulations. This report is a result of formal meetings and input from industry professionals, addressing the progress made since the release of the White Paper earlier this year.

One of the main concerns of the CMSC is the speed at which consultations and changes are taking place, considering that the proposed regulations are expected to be implemented this summer.

The paper highlights the absence of any reference to gambling legislation in the King’s Speech, raising concerns about the political climate and urging the government to provide a detailed timetable for the implementation of the White Paper’s proposals.

The CMSC also raises the issue of self-excluded individuals being able to access black market casinos. They recommend that operators should actively encourage customers to set online deposit limits and make these limits mandatory in cases where financial vulnerability is identified.

Furthermore, the CMSC calls for greater focus on the potential harms of gambling advertising, particularly for women and children. They emphasize the need for independent longitudinal research to study the link between gambling advertising and the risk of gambling harm.

Lastly, the CMSC expresses concern about the establishment of a gambling ombudsman. They question whether a suitable body that meets industry standards can be in place by the summer of 2024, in accordance with the law.

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