The Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF) is implementing significant changes to the online gambling industry in Italy. This is the first review of the country’s online gambling laws since they were authorized in 2011.

The proposed changes cover various aspects of the sector, including concessions, licensing fees, regulatory oversight, and measures against illegal gambling. Concession fees for online gambling will now be priced at €7 million, a significant increase compared to the previous median fee of €300,000.

To prevent the sale of single concessionaire products by “skin websites,” the number of licenses per company is now limited to five. While no tax changes are suggested for the sector currently, the government is focusing on finalizing laws for retail gambling venues. However, a 2 percent adjustment on online gross revenue fees is recommended.

The MEF also suggests the creation of a “Public Gaming Council” to oversee and propose measures against gambling-related issues. To combat illegal gambling targeted at Italian consumers, government agencies will be implementing new controls. This is especially important considering recent betting scandals involving professional footballers Sandro Tonali of Newcastle United and Nicolo Fagioli of Juventus, who have both received spotting bans.

Reports indicate that Italian consumers wager €4 billion on black market websites, prompting the MEF to call for stronger government protections to exclude illicit operators and strengthen the market’s defenses. The complete text of the initial decree will be presented to PM Giorgia Meloni as a Ministry resolution in the government’s Budget Law for 2024.

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