International Game Technology (IGT) has once again received an improved score in the 2023 S&P Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). This marks four consecutive years of achievement for the company. The CSA evaluates companies’ Environmental, Social, and Governance and Economic (ESG) scores through a series of around 100 questions across 23 categories.

In the 2023 CSA report, IGT stood among 65 companies in the Casinos and Gaming category. The company earned an overall CSA score of 55, with perfect scores in transparency and reporting, emissions, waste and water management, and talent planning and analytics.

The score was comprised of a Global CSA Score of 54 and a Modeled Score of 1. IGT excelled in data availability compared to its peers, with a ‘Very High’ rating.

Wendy Montgomery, IGT SVP of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability, expressed the significance of achieving an improved CSA score for the fourth year in a row. She emphasized the positive impact of IGT’s Sustainable Play initiatives on the people, industry, community, and environment. Montgomery highlighted the company’s commitment to ESG programs and its role in shaping a more sustainable future.

IGT’s Environmental score of 66 surpassed the industry average of 28, affirming their dedication to environmental stewardship. In Social and Governance and Economic categories, IGT achieved scores of 51 and 53 respectively, outperforming industry averages of 32 and 33.

In addition to its impressive CSA scores, IGT also boasted its highest EBITDA in the Q2 reports. This demonstrates the company’s excellent financial performance alongside its commitment to sustainability.

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