Over 800,000 forms of online gambling content have been blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Informatics in Indonesia. Led by Budi Arie Setiadi, the ministry is responsible for communications, information affairs, and internet censorship. The Directorate General of Information Applications reported that access to 805,923 gambling content forms has been disabled through various methods such as blocking websites and restricting payments.

Setiadi stated that this achievement represents the culmination of five years of efforts to block online gambling content. Following the departure of the previous minister, Setiadi was quickly appointed to the position. He emphasized the collaboration between Kominfo and stakeholders such as the Financial Services Authority, telecommunication providers, internet service providers, and digital platforms in eradicating online gambling.

Kominfo’s actions resulted in the restriction of access to 596,348 sites and IPs, 173,134 Meta platforms, 29,257 file-sharing platform accounts, 5,993 Google and YouTube platforms, 367 X (Twitter) platforms, 170 Telegram platforms, 15 TikTok platforms, 8 App Store platforms, and 1 Snack Video platform. Additionally, more than 5,000 payment methods have been tracked and restricted.

Online gambling has been banned in Indonesia since November 6, 1974. This prohibition extends to casinos, poker rooms, sports betting, and bingo. Despite the ban, many sites have been accepting registrations from Indonesian users. However, the Indonesian authorities have recently announced their commitment to tackle the rise in online gambling.

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