The Dutch Gambling Authority (KSA) has recently announced that the expansion of the online gambling market in the Netherlands is tapering off, with a smaller increase in revenue compared to previous periods.

While the legal market for online gambling has seen some growth in the past six months, it has not met the expectations set for this timeframe.

While the number of player accounts has remained relatively stable, the gross gaming result has only increased by 8% from January to August 2023. This is a significant decline in growth compared to the previous period, where it had grown by 33% from August 2022 to January 2023.

According to René Jansen, Chairman of the Dutch Gaming Authority, this leveling off of growth is to be expected as the market develops. However, it is crucial for providers to continue promoting responsible gambling. The KSA will ensure the safety of Dutch players by closely monitoring the market, prioritizing addiction prevention and addressing problematic gaming behavior.

The KSA’s fifth monitoring report also highlighted that an average of 417,000 Dutch individuals gamble monthly, and players in the Netherlands wager an average of €1,017 ($1,068) per player from January to July 2023, which equates to €170 per month.

Furthermore, the number of registrations in the Central Register for the Exclusion of Gambling (Cruks) continues to rise. The report indicates that the number of people in Cruks exceeded 50,000 in September, up from over 48,000 in August.

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