Established in 2021, the VFP (Virtual Gambling Foundation) has made its mark as a staunch supporter of the remote gambling marketplace, also known as the KOA.

As the KOA diligently regulates online gambling, it also collects a levy from high-risk game providers. And now, the VFP takes its role to the next level by overseeing the funding of projects aimed at addiction prevention, harm minimisation, research, education, and improved supervision of the KOA market.

With the Ministries of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) and Justice and Security (JenV) on board, rest assured that these projects will receive the utmost attention and scrutiny. 

Introducing three groundbreaking projects aimed at tackling problem gambling and promoting healthy choices among youth.

Project 1: Join the e-learning revolution with Jellink’s addiction clinic. Discover how frontline professionals can effectively detect early signs of problem gambling.

Project 2: Gelfit Money Fit platform expands its services to support problem gambling. Get expert financial advice and assistance tailored to your needs.

Project 3: “Bright at School” by the prestigious Trimbos Institute. Empower parents and school staff to identify and address risky behaviors associated with gambling, promoting a healthier future for Dutch youth.

Three projects have been assigned to develop these programs. If these pilots are successful, the KSA, VWS, and JenV will seriously consider providing additional funding.

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