The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) is taking steps to ensure responsible gambling practices in slot machine arcades across the country. Starting in mid-December, inspections will be conducted to assess the implementation of duty of care measures.

Since April 1, 2021, amusement arcades have been legally obligated to take measures in preventing and addressing gambling addiction. KSA supervisors will carefully examine compliance with these requirements during the upcoming audit period.

The purpose of these inspections is not to punish, but to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment. The KSA is committed to working with amusement arcades to uphold the duty of care standards outlined in the legislation.

Following the audit period, the KSA will share its findings through a comprehensive report. This report will highlight areas of compliance and address any areas that need improvement. Any necessary adjustments to guidance will be promptly communicated through updates on the official KSA website.

These inspections reflect the Gaming Authority’s dedication to consumer welfare and the prevention of gambling harm. By actively involving stakeholders and maintaining transparency, the KSA aims to contribute to a balanced and secure gaming landscape in the Netherlands. Players and industry participants can expect a thorough and fair evaluation of the duty of care measures implemented during the inspection process.

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