Dutch authorities take action against illegal bingo group operating on Facebook. The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) raided and shut down the Dordtse Queens, an illegal bingo organiser, in Dordrecht on 26 November 2021.

The group operated through a Facebook page, attracting 10,000 members, including minors, who participated in illegal bingo games. While small-scale bingo games are permitted within closed circles, offering them to a larger audience without a license becomes illegal.

The KSA aims to protect participants from fraud and ensure fair play by licensing and regulating these games. Despite being previously shut down, the Dordtse Queens continued to advertise and organise illegal bingos.

Working alongside the police and local officials, KSA inspectors raided a physical bingo game in Dordrecht, where over 200 people, including minors, were present. Authorities seized various assets, including designer clothes, bags, and shoes that were offered as prizes.

The KSA report emphasizes that both organisers and participants of illegal bingos risk penalties, especially when minors are involved. In other regulatory news, a recent Mecca Bingo advert has been deemed “irresponsible” by the UK Advertising Standards Authority and will not be allowed to reappear in its current form.

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