The Dutch Gaming Authority (KSA) has taken decisive action against GoldWin Limited by imposing a hefty fine of €6.8m ($7.2m). This penalty comes as a result of the operator’s unlawful provision of casino games to its customers.

Upon conducting a thorough investigation, the KSA discovered that GoldWin had violated the Gambling Act (Wok) by running its website,, without the necessary license from the gaming authority.

Shockingly, the website had no measures in place to prevent customers from the Netherlands from accessing it. There was no IP block, making it easy for Dutch players to engage in online gambling without any hindrance.

Moreover, GoldWin failed to verify the ages of its players. Highlighting the seriousness of the situation, the KSA initially warned GoldWin in January 2023 to cease their illegal activities. Unfortunately, the operator disregarded this warning and instead blocked the accounts of the KSA inspectors, allowing regular customers to continue using the site.

Consequently, the KSA ordered GoldWin to pay a penalty on 20 April 2023. Despite this, the operator stubbornly refused to comply with the authority’s directive. Due to GoldWin’s persistent non-compliance, they are now facing a substantial fine of €6,794,000. The amount was determined based on the estimated turnovers generated from Dutch players.

René Jansen, Chairman of the Board at KSA, stated, “By utilizing incremental penalty payments, we can swiftly put a stop to illegal activities. However, this does not mean that previously committed offenses will go unpunished.”

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