The Dutch Gambling Authority, known as the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), has imposed a hefty fine of €900,000 ($952,000) on MKC Limited for offering illegal games of chance. MKC, the owner of the website ‘,’ allowed Dutch players to participate in online gambling without the necessary license, thereby violating the Gambling Act.

During an investigation by the KSA, it was discovered that visitors to the website could easily create an account with Dutch address details, log in, and engage in online games of chance. The website had no measures in place to prevent participants from the Netherlands, and there was no age verification process.

René Jansen, Chairman of the KSA, expressed concern over MKC’s lack of proper identification and age verification, as it allows vulnerable and underage players to access their site. This irresponsible behavior has been taken into account as an aggravating factor when determining the fine. Jansen also emphasized the importance of prioritizing player safety in the illegal gambling market.

In addition to this case, the KSA has also ordered a penalty payment against Blue High House for continuing to provide gambling services in the Netherlands after receiving a formal warning from the Authority.

Recent reports from the KSA reveal that the growth of gambling accounts in the Netherlands has been stagnant, with revenue growth also slowing down. The legal market for online gambling in the country has experienced some growth over the past six months, but at a slower pace than initially anticipated. It is crucial for all gambling operators to adhere to the regulations set by the KSA to ensure the safety and protection of players in the Netherlands.

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