Softswiss unveils groundbreaking discoveries on online casino player behavior in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Drawing from an extensive analysis of player profiles on Softswiss’ casino platform, covering the period from September 2022 to August 2023, these findings provide invaluable insights into the global online casino market.

Europe emerges as the dominant force in the online casino industry, with a staggering eight times more active players than Latin America and an astounding 18-fold surge compared to Asia. Mobile devices reign supreme in Europe, capturing the preference of 68% of players. The player demographic is evenly split between genders, with 47% male and 18% female players. Unsurprisingly, the 31-40 age group displays a strong inclination towards slot games.

In Latin America, mobile devices also take center stage, attracting an impressive 69% of active players. Male players take the lead, constituting the majority, while 17% are female. Of particular interest is the fact that players aged 31-40 represent a significant 21% of the overall market share. A distinguishing characteristic of Latin American players is their preference for smaller, yet more frequent, bets. Additionally, their affinity for sports betting, especially football, is undeniable.

Asia, a burgeoning market for online casinos, demonstrates a resounding preference for mobile betting, with over 71% of players embracing this platform. Notably, female players only constitute a mere 6% of the player base. Players aged 31-40 emerge as the dominant demographic in Asia. Slot games, with their captivating allure, command over 80% of the market share.

In an exciting development, Softswiss has integrated MetaMask, a cryptocurrency wallet, into its online casino platform. This pioneering initiative streamlines the depositing process, elevating the convenience and accessibility for players.

Moreover, Softswiss has partnered with BetGames, extending invaluable resources to operators. Among these resources is the online casino budget calculator, a cutting-edge tool designed to empower operators in planning expenses, managing risks, and optimizing returns.

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