Operator LiveScore Group has made a significant move in the software development space with the strategic acquisition of Wonderlabz. The South Africa-based company, known for its Lithium PAM and back-office platform, has been instrumental in developing apps and digital platforms for LiveScore Group’s brands.

With this acquisition, LiveScore Group aims to strengthen its in-house capabilities and establish a new tech hub in the South African market. By increasing its holding from 25% to full ownership, LiveScore Group is poised to enhance its convergence strategy and further combine sports media and sports betting.

This milestone comes on the heels of LiveScore Group’s successful partnership with sports betting supplier Kambi Group and a year-long user campaign celebrating its 25th anniversary. The company continues its growth trajectory, fueled by strategic alliances and collaborations with industry leaders.

Sam Sadi, CEO of LiveScore Group, shared his excitement about the acquisition: “Wonderlabz is an exciting addition to our portfolio. Their expertise and the success of the Lithium PAM platform have been integral to our convergence strategy. This move strengthens our position as a leader in the global software development space.”

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