Finance Minister Javier Silvania has recently announced the introduction of new gambling legislation in the Curacao parliament. The proposed National Ordinance on Games of Chance, also known as LOK, was discussed during a central committee meeting earlier this week.

According to local news media, several parliamentarians have criticized the newly proposed legislation. Concerns were raised about confusing wording and the decision to establish the Curacao gaming authority as a foundation. One parliamentarian argued for the regulator to be independent from the government to avoid potential political influence.

Media reports also revealed that the draft law was formulated without consulting all stakeholders, including the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint Maarten. The advisory council urgently appealed to Minister Silvania not to present the bill in its current form, expressing concerns about the potential impact on the country’s eGaming sector. The new draft rules will be further discussed in another committee meeting, where Minister Silvania will address the questions raised.

The Curacao Bar Association has also expressed criticism and submitted an objection to members of parliament regarding the proposed accreditation for lawyers outlined in the new draft. The Association is concerned that the accreditation could compromise the independence of lawyers and contradict existing legislation in the island state.

In response to media reports and concerns, Minister Silvania emphasized the importance of accurate information and urged against the spread of unverified rumors. He clarified that the current process of license issuance by the Curacao Gaming Control Board remains unchanged and fully supported.

The Minister also announced their presence at ICE 2024 in London, where they will be available to discuss the legislation and its implementation.

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