Macau’s gaming gross revenue for November reached an impressive MOP$16bn (US$2bn), according to the latest report from The Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. Although this represents a 17.7% decline from October’s figures, the year-on-year growth is an outstanding 435%.

November’s revenue ranks as the fourth-highest this year, surpassed only by July, August, and October. Notably, last month was the highest earner of the year so far. While growth in Macau appears to be stabilizing compared to previous months, it is still on a positive trajectory. The past three months have shown consistent growth ranging from 400% to 435%, while the growth from January to August varied from 33% to over 4,000%.

In terms of accumulated gross revenue, Macau has experienced a similar increase of 324% compared to the same time last year, resulting in a total of MOP$164.5bn for the year up until November 2023.

Nevertheless, there is still ground to cover in order to reach pre-Covid levels. The accumulated gross revenue in November 2019 was MOP$269.6bn, and in November 2018 it was MOP$276.4bn. When comparing these figures to 2020 and 2021, which stood at MOP$52.6bn and MOP$78.9bn respectively, it is evident that there is room for further growth.

If the current growth trend continues into 2024, there is potential for Macau’s monthly gambling revenue to return to pre-Covid levels. However, the precise timeline for this recovery remains uncertain.

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