The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has decided to cancel the B2C license of Winners Malta Operations Ltd., effective from January 11, 2024. This marks the third cancellation this year, following the revocation of licenses for Genesis Global Ltd. and Betago Ltd. Additionally, Rush Gaming Ltd.’s license has been suspended.

Winners Malta Operations Ltd. has been found in violation of various regulatory obligations and laws in Malta. Specifically, the company has failed to meet their financial commitments and has not made timely payments to the Authority.

Consequently, Winners Malta Operations Ltd. has been directed by the MGA to fulfill the following obligations:

Settle all outstanding fees owed to the Authority within seven (7) days from the effective date mentioned above.

Refund all player funds to legitimate players in accordance with the Gaming Act and relevant regulatory instruments.

Submit a transaction report, along with supporting bank statements, within seven (7) days of receiving this letter. This report should demonstrate that all player funds have been appropriately transferred to registered players.

Furthermore, Winners Malta Operations Ltd. is required to promptly remove any references to the Authority and their authorizations, as specified in article 51 of the Act.

It is important to note that the decision made by the Authority is subject to appeal, as permitted by article 43 of the Act.

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