In a groundbreaking move, six prominent US-based companies – Better Collective, Catena Media, Group, oddschecker Global Media, Spotlight Sports Group, and XLMedia – have joined forces to establish the Responsible Gambling Affiliate Association (RGAA). This association aims to set standards, promote responsible gambling, and protect consumers and their families.

With a unified approach to creating guidelines and codes of conduct, the RGAA prioritizes the well-being of customers, emphasizing the importance of gambling as a form of entertainment. Mark Frank Pedersen, Better Collective CEO of North America, states, “We are dedicated to empowering our industry and ensuring our customers can enjoy our services responsibly.”

The RGAA will focus on five key pillars: fostering competitive gambling markets, providing industry education, establishing advertising codes of conduct, encouraging responsible business practices, and safeguarding consumer protection, empowerment, and choice.

Recognizing the significance of affiliates in the American online gambling market, Michael Daly, Catena Media CEO, emphasizes the association’s commitment to promoting responsible wagering experiences through legal, regulated operators.

As this exciting initiative gains momentum, stay tuned for the announcement of the RGAA’s inaugural President. In the meantime, Charles Gillespie, CEO, highlights the pivotal role that affiliate companies play in driving the growth of regulated online gambling operators.

In a further testament to the industry’s potential, Better Collective recently made headlines with its acquisition of Playmaker Capital, a digital sports media group based in Toronto. The RGAA represents a significant step forward in ensuring a responsible and thriving gambling industry. Together, these companies are reshaping the landscape, prioritizing consumer well-being, and paving the way for a successful future.

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