Nevada’s gaming industry continues to thrive as licensees report a remarkable total gaming win of $1.27 billion for the month of September 2023. This represents a significant 2% increase compared to September 2022.

Leading the pack, Clark County, home to the world-famous Las Vegas strip, grossed the highest total win of $1.1 billion, demonstrating a remarkable 3% year-on-year growth. The Las Vegas Strip alone contributed $741.2 million to this impressive revenue, showing a satisfying 3% increase from September 2022.

Notably, Downtown experienced the highest positive percentage change year-on-year, soaring by an incredible 7% to reach $741.2 million. Conversely, North Lake Tahoe witnessed the largest negative percentage change, with a concerning 11% decrease compared to the same period in 2022, resulting in a total win of only $2.6 million. It should be noted that North Lake Tahoe also generated the lowest revenue among all areas in the state.

Year-to-date, the Las Vegas Strip remains the unrivaled leader, recording the highest positive percentage change in total win. Surging impressively by 5% to reach $2.24 billion during the fiscal year, it is a testament to the Strip’s enduring appeal. On the contrary, North Lake Tahoe experienced the highest negative percentage change year-to-date, declining by 7% to reach $83.8 million.

In September, only the Las Vegas Strip, Laughlin, Wendover, and Carson Valley witnessed increased percentage changes in Nevada. These areas continue to display resilience and growth amidst challenging times.

Looking at the tax collections, the state collected $77.6 million in October, deriving from the revenue generated in September. However, this represents a 4% decrease compared to the tax collections in the previous financial year.

It is noteworthy that tax collections in October also declined by 2% compared to the previous month of August, when taxes were collected in September. The amount collected reduced to $75.8 million, indicating a slight downturn.

The gaming industry in Nevada remains at the forefront of dynamic growth, attracting millions of visitors and generating substantial revenue. These encouraging figures demonstrate the resilience and enduring appeal of the state’s gaming destinations.

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