Denmark takes decisive action to tackle problem gambling and promote responsible gaming with the launch of StyrPå This official public information portal consolidates details on all gambling sectors in the country, including land-based, lottery, and online gambling.

But StyrPå goes beyond just catering to experienced gamblers. It offers educational content designed for parents, teachers, and caregivers to promote safer gambling practices. The website provides valuable resources to identify compulsive behaviors and even offers dedicated teaching materials for students aged 13-15, highlighting the importance of early education on responsible gaming.

To further amplify the message, Spillemyndigheden introduces a compelling podcast called “Vi snakker om spillet” (“We talk about the game”). The podcast features firsthand experiences of individuals affected by gambling addiction, adding a personal touch to the broader educational efforts.

Denmark’s commitment to reducing problem gambling is evident through various measures. Mandatory player-ID verifications are now enforced at all land-based gambling venues, restricting access exclusively to those with a national ‘Københavns Kommunes’ ID card. Additionally, Denmark’s self-exclusion scheme, ROFUS, now covers both land-based and online gambling venues, ensuring comprehensive player protection.

Customized player IDs have also been introduced, giving players greater control over their gambling activities. These IDs facilitate secure withdrawals, enable setting deposit limits, and protect against potential losses from misplaced betting slips.

With the launch of StyrPå and the implementation of these measures, Denmark aims to create a safer and more responsible gambling environment, setting an example for effective regulatory strategies worldwide.

In a landmark development, the Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden) issues fines totaling DKK 100,000 (€13,411) to an individual involved in promoting unauthorized game providers in Denmark. These fines mark the first instance of financial penalties in a case involving the illicit distribution of gambling services. The individual in question was found to have directed users to gambling platforms, even if they had voluntarily excluded themselves through ROFUS.

The Gambling Authority reported the individual to the police earlier this year for the unauthorized promotion of game providers. Law enforcement confirmed the violation of regulations by the domain owner, resulting in fines of DKK 50,000 per website, totaling DKK 100,000 as recommended by the Gambling Authority.

This case sends a significant message, specifically addressing the promotion of gambling to individuals who have self-excluded through ROFUS. It showcases Denmark’s commitment to upholding regulations and protecting vulnerable players.

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