ClientScan Announces Launch of Affordable Facial Recognition Software Catering to Self-Excluded Gamblers 

ClientScan, a reliable facial recognition company, proudly introduces its latest AI-driven system specially designed to protect self-excluded gamblers. Developed by exceptional experts and advisors from the prestigious Visual Geometry Group at Oxford University, ClientScan ensures top-notch quality and reliability.

When a gambler self-excludes from in-person gambling, their information, including their image, gets securely stored in ClientScan’s cloud environment. With the facial recognition software’s impressive capacity, it can easily detect and recognize players who have opted for self-exclusion, taking less than one tenth of a second with an accuracy rate of over 99%. Trust ClientScan to prioritize the well-being and safety of all gamblers with its innovative technology.

Our Microsoft-approved software is cost-effective and compatible with any standard PC running Microsoft Windows and connected to a webcam. Once installed, our ClientScan system is capable of real-time image detection for individuals on the self-excluding database. Staff members on site will receive immediate alerts via app, WhatsApp, or email, identifying the individual and their self-exclusion period. This efficient and reliable technology prioritizes customer safety and operator self-exclusion regulations.

Laura Bedborough, the Head of Business Development and co-founder of ClientScan, proudly announces the launch of one of the world’s first AI-driven systems for safeguarding self-excluded gamblers. Our solution is built on a meticulously engineered Convolution Neural Network that guarantees unmatched speed and precision, all while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

ClientScan was specifically designed to tackle the issues surrounding self-exclusion in the UK gaming industry. By deploying our cutting-edge approach, we ensure regulatory compliance with the Gambling Commission’s framework.

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