Cotai Casino’s Fake Chip Scam Exposed

In a shocking discovery, the Macau Judiciary Police recently uncovered a counterfeit chip scam at a Cotai casino. It all started with the finding of 10 fake chips, each with a face value of HKD10,000 (€1,175). As the investigation unfolded, more counterfeit chips were discovered at different locations, revealing the depth of the operation.

Following their swift actions, the gaming-related Crimes Division of the Judiciary Police apprehended two individuals using the counterfeit chips. These mainlanders were promptly turned over for further investigation, but there are still other suspects on the loose.

During the operation, a staggering 182 fake chips were seized from the two individuals. Shockingly, one of the suspects admitted to ordering over a hundred chips, worth millions of RMB, and collecting them upon arrival in Macau. This revelation led the Judiciary Police to uncover more individuals involved in using counterfeit chips within various syndicates operating in the casino. The total loss suffered by the casino as a result of this fraudulent activity amounts to a staggering HKD 4.93 million (€580,000).

As the investigation intensified, it was revealed that six other suspects managed to flee Macau through the Border Gate checkpoint. With quick thinking, these individuals disposed of their fake chips before leaving, but the Judiciary Police were able to recover 112 counterfeit chips from the Macau Solid Waste Incineration Plant. In total, the police seized a striking 804 fake chips during this operation.

The two suspects who were apprehended have been transferred to the Public Prosecutions Office and face charges of criminal syndicate and fraud. Meanwhile, authorities are tirelessly searching for the remaining six suspects who escaped undetected. The scam has resulted in a substantial loss of at least HKD 5.7 million (€670,000) for the casino.

The Macau Judiciary Police remains fully committed to upholding the law and ensuring the safety and integrity of the city’s casinos.

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