Danish Gambling Authority imposes DKK 10,000 fine on prominent Twitch streamer

A Twitch streamer has been hit with a hefty fine of DKK 10,000 ($1,457) by The Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden) for promoting unlicensed gambling providers on their stream. This marks the first incident in which the Danish Gambling Authority has taken action against a streamer for illicit gambling advertisements.

The streamer came under scrutiny for advertising a gambling provider on their live stream without the necessary Danish license. However, neither the gambling provider nor the Twitch streamer has been publicly identified.

After the suspicious activity was brought to the attention of authorities, the streamer was reported to the police for violating local gambling advertising regulations. Subsequently, the police concurred with the regulator’s findings and imposed the recommended fine of DKK 10,000 on the streamer for the breaches.

In addition to this case, The Danish Gambling Authority recently announced that it has blocked a total of 49 illegal websites during its annual crackdown. Notably, Betfair was also reprimanded for violating Denmark’s AML Act and received three orders and a reprimand as a result of its breaches. The company has been given a three-month deadline to rectify the first two orders, while it has 12 months to submit the necessary documents for the third order.

To safeguard its community from the potential harms of gambling, Twitch has now prohibited Blaze and Gamdom from its platform, hoping to combat predatory behavior and make Twitch a safer environment.

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