Enteractive, in partnership with Spinwise, is revolutionizing the gaming industry by re-engaging inactive players through personalized reactivation services.

Spinwise, a leading multi-brand operator serving global markets, recognizes the importance of creating a fun and personalized gaming experience. That’s why they’ve chosen Enteractive as their trusted partner.

By leveraging Enteractive’s advanced technology and reactivation agents, Spinwise aims to unlock the untapped potential of lapsed player accounts, driving substantial revenue growth.

Starting with their Winnerz brand, Spinwise launched a successful marketing campaign in collaboration with Enteractive in 2022. Building on this success, they have expanded their partnership to include reactivation services for their latest brands, Wisho and Trickz.

Enteractive’s (Re)Activation Cloud technology platform will play a crucial role in keeping players interested. This platform seamlessly integrates player databases and empowers native-speaking sales agents to establish personalized connections with players in various markets through phone outreach.

Furthermore, Enteractive has recently teamed up with Coolbet to run player activation campaigns in Latin American markets. Their efforts will focus on converting registered but non-funded player accounts and reducing registration turnover.

With Enteractive and Spinwise leading the way, the gaming industry is set for a transformation where players’ engagement and entertainment are prioritized like never before.

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