Gambling CEOs are overwhelmingly positive about their current business climate according to the latest AGA report. 

The latest Gaming Industry Outlook from the American Gaming Association (AGA) and Fitch Ratings paints an optimistic picture of current conditions within gambling enterprises. Survey responses returned by a variety of executives, including US-based operators as well as international players such tribal gaming operators and casino owners, revealed that 62% judged business to be good while 35% rated it satisfactory. Unfortunately though, only 20% projected improvement in the upcoming six months – leaving us curious about what lies ahead for this ever-evolving industry!

With the U.S economy facing slowing growth, 65% of gaming executives believe that future conditions would remain similar to today’s climate according to a recent report released by American Gaming Association (AGA). While this outlook may not be particularly optimistic, it does show confidence in the resilience and preparedness demonstrated by our industry during these unprecedented times. Bill Miller AFPE- President & CEO of AGA noted “Gaming has seen remarkable success over 2020 -2023and is well poised for any foreseeable challenges”

It seems like the gambling industry has been steaming ahead since its recent review, with 88% expecting a net positive in sales of gaming units for replacement and 63% anticipating new or expansion use. Interestingly enough, geopolitical tensions have come to replace supply chain delays as one of executives’ key concerns at 31%.

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