Maltese Bill 55 sparks concern from German Regulator

The German Gaming Regulator (Joint Gambling Authority of the Länder or GGL) recently expressed concern about Malta’s Bill 55. In a statement published on their website, they questioned the compatibility of the bill with European requirements for decision recognition.

The GGL issued the statement in response to numerous inquiries regarding the Maltese Government’s amendment to the law protecting domestic gambling operators.

While clarifying that they are not responsible for the final assessment or enforcing civil law claims by players, the regulator announced that they will not be taking any immediate action. They are awaiting the initiation of EU proceedings.

Valletta, June 2023 – The Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands in Malta has officially enacted Bill 55, known as the Gaming (Amendment) Act. This groundbreaking legislation solidifies the status of the Maltese gaming license and safeguards it from baseless challenges.

Under the new law, any foreign judgments that contradict or weaken the established legality of the Maltese gaming framework will not be recognized or enforced within the nation.

The Maltese Gaming Authority (MGA) operates under a robust legal framework that adheres to Maltese law. The government’s press release emphasizes that this ensures a regulated market, where consumers can confidently engage and play. Stringent legal obligations are in place to protect players, overseen by a competent regulator with the authority to swiftly take enforcement action against any non-compliant licensees.

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