Greyhound Racing Industry Stands Against Proposed Ban on Gambling Advertisements

The New South Wales greyhound racing industry is strongly opposing a potential gambling advertising ban in Australia. They argue that such a ban would not only harm the welfare of the dogs, but also lead to the closure of important animal welfare programs. Greyhound Racing New South Wales (GRNSW) is warning that the proposed restrictions would have a devastating impact on the industry, clubs, tracks, and local communities. In fact, GRNSW estimates that the racing sector in NSW could suffer a loss of over $20 million per year. This financial loss would also affect organizations supported by GRNSW, such as animal welfare programs and greyhound adoption efforts. To ensure their concerns are heard, the greyhound racing industry is urging its members to contact federal ministers. Furthermore, industry leaders are emphasizing that a ban on gambling inducement could jeopardize the future of greyhound racing not only in the state, but in the entire nation. These efforts are generating a serious debate about making an exception to the advertising ban for greyhound racing. While community feedback and voter sentiment will be taken into consideration, gambling companies and harm-reduction advocates are also lobbying federal ministers to prevent dilution of the recommendations. In response to GRNSW’s claims, animal welfare advocates have argued that there has been a significant increase in injuries and deaths among racing greyhounds, leading them to propose the closure of the greyhound racing industry as the most effective method for welfare improvement.

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