A new report has found that the rise of hateful language on Twitter 2.0 is creating an increasingly hostile virtual environment.

Despite Elon Musk’s aspiration of creating a free speech utopia with his Twitter 2.0 platform, an independent study from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue revealed that there has been a sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate speech delivered through it.

Contrary to this finding, however, Musk presented data at the Morgan Stanley TMT Conference suggesting otherwise; that being 50% less hate than what was present pre-acquisition.

The Washington Post reported a staggering 105% increase in antisemitic tweets following the $44 billion Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk. Analysis of machine-learning tools indicates that weekly posts containing language deemed as such more than doubled, with over 6,200 per week on average before and reaching over 12,700 after early February.

Musk has earned accolades for his successful reduction of CSAM content on Twitter 2.0, with substantial evidence to support the claim according to thorough analyses and data supplied by him.

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