Ontario’s iGaming industry achieved a remarkable high in gaming revenue, reaching CAD $457m last quarter. This was due to an impressive 62 percent growth of portals and 50 percent increase in operators – both hitting record highs with 68 and 36 respectively. Moreover, active players surged 45%, totaling 910,000 at the end of 2022 while monthly expenditure per patron grew 18% year-over-year (YoY) as each contributed on average CAD$167 during that timeframe – excluding Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corps’ promotional bets or bonuses from digital operations.

Q3 of 2022 saw a remarkable surge in active player account numbers, bringing the total to 910,000 – an increase of nearly half since Q2. IGO’s portal has updated information regarding all 36 accredited operators offering iGaming services in Ontario and these figures suggest that there is now more money being spent per single user than ever before; averaging at $167 compared with the previous quarter’s average spend. It should be noted however that some accounts may not necessarily represent individual players as multiple operator usage can skew results accordingly.

The Government of Ontario is proud to announce that the revenues generated by iGaming in July 2021 exceeded expectations, with total player spend reaching CAD$167 – an 18 percent increase from the previous quarter. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario subsidiary works closely with Ontarian officials to ensure players can enjoy a safe online gambling experience. Through IGO’s contributions to our region, these successful gaming revenues will support local priorities determined by government authorities.

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