Increase in Sports Betting Linked to FIFA Tournaments

The recent survey conducted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) has revealed that the men’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar has had a significant impact on the increase in gambling participation in the UK.

The survey, carried out by Yonder Consulting, found that betting on the World Cup was more of a social experience rather than driven solely by the desire to win money, unlike traditional football betting.

Participants in the survey were interviewed after the conclusion of the tournament in December 2022. They were asked about their gambling activities, including betting on the World Cup or playing related free-to-play games during the event.

Yonder Consulting then followed up with the same 811 participants in March of the following year to assess their gambling behavior.

The survey revealed that there was a rise in gambling participation among the participants, including an increase in online football betting. This is noteworthy because the amount of money bet on football had actually decreased significantly four weeks after the World Cup.

The survey also highlighted that the increase in betting activity could be attributed to the desire to add excitement to the matches. Many participants also mentioned that gambling with friends played a significant role in this increase.

The UKGC has confirmed that the complete dataset of the survey will be released at a later date.

Furthermore, gaming operator Entain has reported that more women are participating in gambling activities during the ongoing 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup. Entain’s brands Ladbrokes and Coral in the UK have seen a rise in female betting participation, from 17 percent to 21 percent, during the first three England games of the tournament. This increase can be compared to the Women’s Euros in 2022, where participation was at 13 percent, and to the 2019 Women’s World Cup.

Commenting on these findings, Dominic Grounsell, Entain’s chief commercial officer, stated, “There is a growing global audience and interest in women’s sports. The numbers speak for themselves. More customers are finding new ways to support their favorite teams, and that includes placing bets.”

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