KSA has taken strides in safeguarding their citizens from the harms of gambling by introducing an improved version of Central Register Exclusion for Games of Chance (Cruks).

The KSA has partnered with Cruks to create an innovative gambling stop experience for players. This latest version of the website (cruksregister.nl) provides more support and guidance, including a mandatory reflection period after setting temporary pause on gaming activities; which extends across all arcades, casinos, as well as online games of chance. Users can set this break in play for at least 6 months or opt-in longer – offering them additional flexibility if they choose to return sooner than initially intended by simply unsubscribing afterwards.

The Netherlands Gambling Authority (KSA) has implemented a new version of the Remote Gambling Act that includes an eight-day reflection period to discourage players from making impulsive unsubscriptions. Since 1 October 2021, this reflects the launch of the nation’s official iGaming market as part of their Cruks register initiative set up by KSA.

Since its inception, the Cruks self-exclusion scheme for game of chance providers in the Netherlands has seen a remarkable 38,000 users register. Under this initiative, licensed gaming businesses are responsible to ensure that registered individuals who have taken steps to prevent gambling cannot access services from Dutch or overseas sources.

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