Flutter, the iconic leader in gaming entertainment, has chosen legendary business figure John Byrant to be their Chairman. 

The stage is set for an exciting announcement from Flutter, a renowned leader in the gaming and entertainment industry. Many anticipate the imminent appointment of John Bryant as their new Chairman – taking over from Gary McGann who has held this illustrious post since 2015.

Flutter Entertainment is set to make a lasting impression on the global gaming market, with its recently announced listing of US stock exchange. Already valued at around $30 billion and listed in London’s FTSE 100, if their valuation exceeds $45 billion after this move, they will outstrip Las Vegas Sands as the world’s most successful gambling enterprise.

FanDuel has proven to be a major success in the US market, cementing its place as ‘outright leader’ of sports betting. In 2022 alone it drove massive revenues for Flutter Entertainment – boasting GGR (Gross Gaming Revenue) at an impressive $2.8 billion and 34 percent share in total group income. While such figures are staggering there remains potential growth: EBITDA losses stand at $358 million – something that must become profitable soon if extended gains by Flutter are expected going forward.

Flutter is poised to bolster its global presence and strengthen relationships with investors through a US listing. This move provides increased access to capital markets, enhanced asset flexibility within their investment portfolio, as well as improved liquidity for future investments – potentially resulting in the US becoming Flutter’s primary listing.

With a successful history at the head of US corporates, John Bryant is now being considered as Chairman for an upcoming listing on the US stock exchange. His worldwide renown in corporate circles speaks to his ability to bring strategic success that could lead this venture far into profitability. Talks with Mr. Byrant are said to have reached an advanced stage and represented another step forward towards creating new possibilities within global markets

With the recent appointment of Peter Bryant as CEO, Flutter’s future may take an exciting turn. His extensive experience in global markets could lead to a primary listing on US stock exchanges – replacing their current presence on the London market. It is clear that Mr Bryant intends to strengthen and expand Flutter’s already significant influence within America

As a former President and Chief Executive Officer of Kellogg, Australian-born John Bryant brings experience to the table for some of today’s biggest names such as Macy’s, Coca Cola and Compass Group. With his expertise gained from obtaining an MBA at Wharton, he is now involved with Flutter in their ultimate goal – getting listed on US stock exchange before year-end 2023. Shareholders have expressed enthusiasm about this prospect leading up to its annual investor meeting later this month.

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