MGM Springfield has been officially found in violation of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission regulations

Just one month after in-person sports betting was legalised, MGM Springfield and Encore Boston Harbor were caught out for providing illegal wagers worth over $1,200. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission took action by investigating the bets that occurred when two Harvard University basketball matches allowed customers to place money on teams listed as registered outside of the state – an oversight which cost them dearly!

BetMGM hit an unexpected speed bump in their plans to offer wagers on collegiate sport when the Massachusetts Gaming Commission wrote up a “blacklist document” prohibiting such bets. In response, they offered daily audits of all proposed wagers but that wasn’t enough to calm MGC’s worries–the commission is currently deliberating potential fines and other repercussions at what promises to be an intense hearing scheduled for April 14th.

On the same day, a major case will be presented involving Encore Boston Harbour – previously caught by Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s Sports Betting Director for allowing illegal wagers on a Boston College women’s basketball game. It turns out this wasn’t an isolated incident; rather, it was due to a fault in GAN’s backend system used to audit and curate events available for betting at Encore. Will justice prevail?

The rush to launch in-person sports gambling at Encore’s casino resulted in a major oversight. Despite being prohibited, patrons were able to place wagers on a women’s collegiate basketball game due to an unrecognized list of approved events being uploaded days before the retail betting went live. As discussions are held over how best to punish this breach of regulations, operators face hearings next month with their fate still undecided.

Last summer, Massachusetts joined the ranks of many other US states in legalizing sports betting. Although these first few court rulings have raised some concerns about their law’s efficacy and safety standards, they create a necessary precedent that will shape the industry going forward – one way or another!

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