Mindway AI and the Hellenic Gaming Commission join forces to safeguard gaming enthusiasts all around Greece

Mindway AI and the Hellenic Gaming Commission have united to improve player safety in Greece’s gambling industry. Their objective? To refine their assessment system for determining when a gambler might be at risk of developing an unhealthy relationship with gaming. 

With strategic objectives outlined, the collaboration is sure to bring forth improved measures on Responsible Gambling while offering greater protection against addiction among players.

Mindway AI is honored to have the trust of the Hellenic Gaming Commission, and excited to use our scientific knowledge and award-winning player protection software – a combination of neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and human psychology assessments. According to Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO at Mindway AI: “This collaboration will be invaluable.”

Mindway AI’s player protection software has the potential to reach a greater scope than originally intended. 

With Hellenic Gambling Commission, we are exploring how it can be adjusted for use in an entire gambling jurisdiction of Greece – a bold and revolutionary concept that could revolutionize the market! CEO Rasmus Kjaergaard said: “We look forward to this challenge as well as what new opportunities may arise from its implementation.”

By joining forces, the Hellenic Gaming Commission and their partner are committed to utilizing cutting-edge AI technology coupled with neuroscientific research and skilled advice in order to identify any cases of gambling that could prove problematic. 

In response, they will take comprehensive steps towards interventions at both regulatory as well as oversight levels in an effort to mitigate issues related to gambling addiction and its associated risks.

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