MioMedia Affiliates teams up with ReferOn

ReferOn, a leading affiliate management system company, has announced a new partnership with MioMedia, a prominent player in the iGaming affiliate program industry. MioMedia, known for its successful casino affiliate program with brands like SlotPalace and MyEmpire, will now operate on the ReferOn affiliate management system. This collaboration is expected to enhance MioMedia’s business by leveraging ReferOn’s expertise and advanced multi-metrics capabilities.

Affiliate managers will be thrilled to hear this news, as the ReferOn affiliate management system is renowned for its impressive advantages. With its user-friendly interface and ability to handle large networks and companies, it is an excellent choice for streamlining affiliate management.

The MioMedia Affiliate program, already highly regarded for its competitive commissions, continues to excel with this integration. Partners can now benefit from ReferOn’s advanced features, including easy management, tracking, and reporting of affiliate data, enabling them to grow and prosper.

“ReferOn takes affiliate management to new heights,” says ReferOn product manager Vladyslav Bondarenko. “Our platform empowers affiliates to manage their businesses quickly and effectively, allowing for seamless growth and success.”

Helen Reginia, head of affiliates at MioMedia, expresses her satisfaction with the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to be using ReferOn moving forward. This cutting-edge management system offers highly advanced features that greatly improve our partners’ ability to manage their entire business efficiently.”

Thanks to the integration with ReferOn, MioMedia can now provide valuable features like daily statistics tracking, comprehensive splits based on factors like geographic regions, media items, and traffic types, and real-time updates without any delays or loading issues.

Affiliates and affiliate managers can now benefit from the added advantage of transparency offered by both brands. Both companies prioritize honesty and transparency in their business models and ethics. This commitment is crucial for nurturing affiliate relationships and maintaining customer loyalty. Transparency also ensures compliance with regulations, such as the FTC guidelines and the Digital Services Act in the EU and UK.

ReferOn stands out for its incorporation of transparency in every aspect of its user interface. It places a high priority on data transparency, providing users with widgets, filters, and statistics on its state-of-the-art dashboards for effective observation and management of affiliate information. With features like statistics toggles, search bars, bulk actions, and dynamic reports, ReferOn is an excellent choice for affiliate marketers. The integration with MioMedia enhances the benefits by offering improved data understanding, such as the ability to separate clicks by geolocation and conduct more effective analysis of click-guarantee deals.

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