Nevada Achieves Remarkable $1.4 Billion in Gaming Revenue for July, Anticipating F1 Grand Prix

Nevada has achieved an extraordinary milestone in gaming revenue, setting a new state record of $1.4bn for the month of July 2023. This remarkable achievement represents a notable 7% increase compared to the previous year.

The impressive growth in overall revenue is not limited to a specific region within the Silver State. The renowned Las Vegas Strip, a jewel in Nevada’s crown, experienced an 8% rise in revenue year-on-year, reaching a staggering $834.9m.

Undeniably, the Strip plays a pivotal role in the financial success of Clark County, contributing the lion’s share of its revenue. In July 2023, Clark County accumulated $1.21bn, showcasing an 8% annual increase. As the largest county for gambling in Nevada, Clark County’s notable percentage rises were most prominent in Laughlin, boasting a remarkable $46.9m in revenue, a significant 9% growth.

Moreover, the Boulder Strip also achieved a noteworthy 9% rise in July revenue, totaling $79.4m compared to the previous year’s figure of $72.7m.

To graphically depict the impressive performance, please see the graph below, illustrating the revenue of the Las Vegas Strip in July 2022 and 2023, alongside the overall revenue for the same period in Clark County.

Nevada’s impressive growth sets the stage for an exciting Formula One Grand Prix race in the renowned gambling destination of Las Vegas. With the race happening this November, the city has the potential to reach even greater revenue heights.

In Washoe County, July 2023 saw a solid 6% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year. The county’s total revenue for the month reached an impressive $100.6 million, surpassing the $94.8 million recorded in July 2022.

Digging deeper into Washoe County, Sparks experienced a remarkable 20% surge in revenue, contributing to an overall total of $17.2 million. North Lake Tahoe also saw a notable annual rise of 14%, reaching a total of $3.2 million, compared to $2.8 million in July 2022.

However, not all areas experienced growth. South Lake Tahoe and Elko County both saw a 3% decline in revenue, with South Lake Tahoe recording $30.9 million and Elko County reporting $34.9 million. Additionally, the Carson Valley Area recorded a 3% loss, with revenue totaling $11.4 million for July 2023.

Despite these few setbacks, Nevada’s overall revenue report showcases a thriving economy, making it an exciting time for both business and entertainment in the state.

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