The Brazilian gambling market can expect growth equal to or greater than US growth.

Continent 8 Technologies is one of the companies that has already demonstrated to the Brazilian government its interest in cooperating in the regulation of the sports betting market. In this interview, Michael Tobin, CEO and Co-Founder of Continent 8 Technologies, describes all the company’s offers, his impressions of the meeting at the Ministry of Economy and work plans in Brazil. “We consider the Brazilian market one of the most interesting in the world” Tobin says.


Interview with Michael Tobin

Tell us more about Continent 8 Technologies. Its most important services and products for the gaming industry and the main markets in which the company operates.

Continent 8 Technologies Works with more than 160 online casino operators, game providers, platform providers and payment systems in our network. Our company is becoming a private network for the gaming industry and is a safe ecosystem for operators to interact with end-users. We have offices around the world with more than 50 points of presence and a private network. Our reach is truly global and secure.

What is the secret that makes you so successful and recognizable?

Global private network and ecosystem. We have become the foundation of the Internet for the gaming industry. Operators acknowledge that if they want the end-user to have the best experience on their site, their best chance to achieve this is to become part of our infrastructure.

How do you see the Brazilian market and what are your expectations? Have you scaled this already? Will, it is similar to where you already work?

We see the Brazilian market as one of the most interesting in the world, especially in Latin America. With over 200 million people who love sports, we expect the market to be VERY large. As sports betting on the Internet grows and expands in the United States, we expect Brazil to see similar, if not more, growth.

You recently had a meeting at the Brazilian Ministry of Economics. Have you volunteered to offer technological solutions for sports betting?

That was our goal – to become free to serve, a source of advice and help for the technical team. We work with regulators around the world to help them resolve issues related to Internet infrastructure, cybersecurity, cloud networks, networks, hosting, etc. We are located in more than 50 locations around the world and work with dozens of regulators across many technical needs, as the two controllers do not work the same way. Each one requires different things, and we want to help Brazil understand our lessons learned. In the end, we want the end-user to have the best possible experience, which would be through a fast and secure Internet network, and that operators and regulators can deliver it to the end-user.

After reviewing the basic rules that the Ministry has presented to operators who will operate in Brazil, what can Continent 8 propose to the Secretary?

We can help technical teams as well as our previous experience with many other rules. We went through this process of “regulation” several times over the long history of our companies. The fact that we remain neutral with game operators and game providers sets us apart as a source of recommendations.

Brazil is a country that resembles a continent in terms of population. What difficulties or problems need to be considered for success in business? What bothers you the most about this new market?

This is a very big country. Subject to compliance with the regulations, Internet activities are transparent and safe. We believe that Brazil can quickly become one of the world’s leading online services markets. We are very happy about this.

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