The UK Government is pursuing a bold endeavor by seeking to regulate Artificial Intelligence

The rapid advancement of AI has prompted UK officials to consider how best to regulate its usage. With tech playing an increasingly prominent role in today’s economy, providing a £3.7 billion boost last year alone, regulating it is seen as essential for protecting people from possible privacy breaches or human rights violations and preventing the spread of misinformation. 

Although solutions remain yet undetermined on how best to proceed with regulation efforts, experts are certain that rules must be established surrounding this groundbreaking technology if we are effectively able to use benefit from its full potential without fear of misuse or harm to society at large. 

The Department for Science, Innovation, and Technology has just released a white paper that outlines proposed regulations on general-purpose AI. 

While each individual sector of government will have their own say in how they regulate the use of this powerful technology to ensure public safety, Simon Elliott at Dentons emphasizes that “detailed, unified regulation” must be established swiftly if we are to truly protect our society from any potential risks posed by advanced artificial intelligence systems.

The UK’s regulatory infrastructure could soon face unprecedented pressure, as regulators must confront a rapidly expanding diversity of complaints stemming from highly complex and transformative artificial intelligence technologies.

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