SCCG Management and Yepp forge formidable partnership

SCCG Management and Yepp, a leading provider of fan interaction software solutions, have formed a strategic alliance. By combining their expertise, Yepp’s solutions will enhance fan engagement, drive new business opportunities, and offer valuable data insights.

Together, SCCG and Yepp are revolutionizing how sports companies connect with their fans. They are offering white-labelled services and experiences to platforms worldwide, delivering unparalleled fan engagement.

Cosma Wolkonsky, CEO of Yepp, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting the significant milestone it represents for both companies. They share a common vision of elevating fan interaction for millions of sports enthusiasts globally.

Stephen Crystal, CEO of SCCG Management, emphasized the alignment between Yepp’s commitment to reimagining sports engagement and their shared vision. Together, they are ready to redefine the boundaries of fan interaction.

In addition to the alliance with Yepp, SCCG Management has also expanded its collaboration with OddsAI, an AI-based sports betting odds solutions provider. Furthermore, SCCG Management has joined forces with Aware, a leading provider of biometric verification software solutions. These partnerships strengthen SCCG Management’s position in the gaming industry, offering global operators access to cutting-edge biometric solutions.

Prepare to revolutionize the way sports companies engage with their fans. SCCG Management and Yepp’s strategic alliance promises innovative and white-labelled solutions that will transform the fan experience worldwide.

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